Cha Cha Cha

Just one of the many artful altars.

One of the best restaurants in SF – is in the Haight, called “Cha Cha Cha”. I love the interior of this place, lots of art altars arranged in the upper spaces. They are filled with eclectic items – vintage goodies, sparkly things, fringe, religious iconography and glam materials. Being a sucker for the artful side of Catholic churches, from the creepy Jesus statues to the red candles and floral imagery, altars are a great way to punch up a commercial space. An altar can worship other subjects besides religion and be fun at the same time.

The food here kicks ass as well as the sangria. The warm spinach salad will make you wish you could have it every day. And the other items on the menu have never let me down. Sometimes there is quite a wait, but there is plenty to browse along the Haight while you do so. This location is more intimate than the Mission location, so try to visit.

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