Arc Studios Inaugural Exhibit

Checked out “SPARC! Arc Studios & Gallery Artists Inaugural Exhibition” last month and was pleasantly surprised at the mix of art, quite a few that I actually liked. Have posted a number of them here. Nice space and good vibes, with munchies and a place to get drinks right next door.

The featured artists: Jack Androvich, Kirk Brooks, Mike Kimball, Ben Needham, Priscilla Otani, Rachel Sager, William Salit, Stephen C. Wagner, Tanya Wilkinson, Hilary Williams and special guest Matthew Frederick. Just pictures of the ones I liked and that would photograph well… sometimes the darn random flares and glass make it impossible to get pix of certain ones.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Barbie series were great. These were photo montages of Barbie doll faces with real features from real women collaged in over the faces. A great juxtaposition of surreal and real.

Arc Studios & Gallery inhabits the former location of New Langton Arts Foundation which closed it’s doors in 2009. The new partners of Arc Studios & Gallery are  Matthew Frederick, Priscilla Otani, Stephen C. Wagner and Mike Yochum.

Their website-

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