Central Market Cafe & Martha R. Johnson’s Art

Traveling thru Petaluma on our way back to the bay, from visiting a friend and we stopped for a delicious dinner at Central Market. Nice place, nice people and great food. Fresh, local ingredients, lots of different tastes and creative takes on dishes.We loved everything we had there- pizza to die for, short ribs fell off the bone, red jewel beet salad was yummy!

The final topper to the night was being able to soak in the fantastic florals and still lives of produce hung on the walls all thru our dinner. Rarely am I that impressed by art hung in businesses, it is usually too bland, the businesses are to afraid to offend anyone. But the art here, by local artist Martha R. Johnson was superb! Full of texture, mood, emotion and earthy colors… the “Wild Rose” painting made me want to lift it off the wall and take it home.

They were painted on found metals and the rivets and patinas showed thru nicely. From her bio – “Martha has found her “gold mine” of the perfect canvas in the salvage yards of San Francisco. Pulling from the remains of these scrap-metal burial grounds, Martha recycles selected sheets of metal, supporting her artistic imagination. Taking home what she sees as her next canvas, she starts the process of preparing the metal for her energetic application of paint. Sanding, grinding, drilling, are the initial steps necessary in preparing her medium. Hours are required for each painting to have the texture and natural coloring of the metals to her perfection. Satisfied the surface of the metal is at it’s best Martha applies texture and color with brushes, sponges, and most often her hands.”

Kudos to Central Market for giving this artist a place to share her lovely works. If you need some nice art for your home, pick up one of these, before they are gone… a link to her website is below.

42 Petaluma Blvd. North, Petaluma, California
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