Maja Ruznic’s Art, Alphonse Berber Gallery

Dropped in at this gallery in Berkeley while visiting a friend. Was pretty un-impressed by most of the exhibit -“Works That Disturb The Moonlight”. The works for the most part were as pretentious as the title of the show. Generally, I like art to disturb me in some way or at least move me; but these works were either boring, amateurish or over thought. There were some weird sculptures of huge penis shapes or flaccid udders hanging around. Some lame photos I can’t even remember as well, plus some paintings that were just okay.

The exception to the show were some oils by Maja Ruznic, titled “Bastard Children”. (See slideshow below) These were abstract portraits with a crude, almost child-like feel to them. But they also had an adult dark side with wonderful loose brush strokes. Usually abstract works don’t wow me much but Maja’s works really grabbed me and I thought they deserved some mention here. They reminded me of all the great German expressionist works from the World War ll era with their angst and emotive flavor. The only gems in a not so bedazzling show.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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