White Walls and Shooting Gallery Exhibits

Went to see the current shows at White Walls and Shooting Gallery. These two are really one gallery, separated into two. They are located in the seedy Tenderloin area, which I don’t like to visit much, too bad- cause I like a lot of the shows here. The “New Territory” show at White Walls  included artists Akira Beard, Mark Warren Jacques, Robert Burden, Henry Gunderson, and Cheryl Molnar . Stand outs in this show are Beard and Molnar’s works.

Elvis journal page by Akira

Detail of Molnar's collage landscapes

Really enjoyed their pieces. The others were boring styles with nothing new to say or show me.

Shooting Gallery had a show of Kris Kuksi’s works (above)- which was the main reason I came. I liked these very much when I saw them in print, they are very detailed assemblages of hundreds of minute objects making up a whole sculpture. However, in person they just didn’t deliver on their promise. They seemed way too busy and the feel of the whole got lost in all the miniature items. The photography I have seen of the pieces enhanced their presentation with lighting and dark backgrounds but in reality -they just weren’t the same.

Christy Langer was partnered in the show and I was doubly unimpressed by hers. They were very white, wildlife ceramic sculptures which would be great sold as goth home decor but they lacked interest for me, no message or feeling to them. Nicely shaped with a lowbrow feel, good craftsmanship, a little twist, with red blood touches that seemed calculated. They kinda left me wanting more.


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3 Responses to White Walls and Shooting Gallery Exhibits

  1. Ida Hutchins says:

    Heh I’m literally the only comment to this awesome article?

  2. Lance Baca says:

    If only more than 16 people could read this!

  3. If I had a dollar for each time I came to sfbayarts.wordpress.com! Superb post!

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