Guerrero Gallery

Went to the new Guerrero Gallery in the Mission, a while back. Yes.. another late post. Nonetheless some cool art worth posting in a very cool space. It is a large, open, old structure with lots of skylights and white washed beams. Kinda shabby-chic-meets-art-loft. The owner Andres was very warm and friendly,  he used to be a partner with The Shooting Gallery/White Walls.  His new space is in a mellower part of town and was pleasant to visit. A good move on his part. The exhibit was their April Group Show, a spotty show, some I wouldn’t have hung and some were marvelous.

I really like Alexis McKenzie’s delicate collage work but these pieces weren’t quite up to snuff. Her past works had more unity, impact with a stronger edge to a focal point, the newer works have a word/typography decorative thing going on, which are pretty – but they leave me feeling a little empty.

The next cool piece that caught my eye was Scott Anderson’s “Growers’. A weird, distraught, mixed-media anthropomorphic image of a Indian(?) couple. Made me wonder what they were growing…

Kelsey Brooke’s pieces were actually kind of involving and fun. The images were candy personalities in a pastel pinkish palette with animated gestures. They were in modern, round frames which for some reason detracted from the art, not a good fit. Framed differently, these puppies would pop!

Brian Cooper had two very compelling pieces that played havoc with perspective and illusion. A wonderful acid trip mounted on a wall, “Transcend The Finite” certainly did.

And the final two gems of the show, some surreal, nature-inspired pieces by  fab artist- Mike Davis. “Mustering the Troops” and “The Rooster and the Snake”. Allegorical and masterfully executed pieces that took my breath away.

The gallery has a clean website, so if you want to view all the pieces, a link to this show is here.

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