Eating Out: John’s Grill in Union Square, San Francisco

Recently had dinner with the extended family here in the city at John’s Grill. This is a historic restaurant serving the classics – steak, seafood, mashed potatoes, etc. Nice antique original furnishings and the food was very good. It was one of the settings for Dashiel Hammett’s Maltese Falcon and has a long history of famous patrons. However, the menu lacked any fresh ideas or new takes on dishes, traditional old school for the most part, with no lack of butter on the sauteed spinach. Would have loved a big veggie salad alternative without blue cheese on the menu. We were seated upstairs which had a kinda old shoe smell to it, could use some fresh air. Photo above is from the upstairs window- looking out at their vintage neon. I have to give them cudos for having some very nice live music ongoing. A wonderful guitarist doing some creative renditions of an eclectic array of songs – Lloyd Gregory. He covered Hendrix and many jazz standards with a not-too-loud great background ambiance. Rare to find nice live music in restaurants today, especially something you want to listen to, it was refreshing.

Rating: Four stars (out of five)

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