Alexander Kanchik’s Art, Wonderful Victorian Ladies

Browsed thru the little shopping area in Yountville after stopping for lunch at Bouchon’s. This little town is classic wine country snobbery at it’s bland oatmeal peak. The only thing going for it is Bouchon’s food. And a little art…

Among all the endless still lives of grapevines, wine bottles, grape and wine glasses, I spotted some beautiful portraits of Victorian women in full regalia. They were in Gallery 1870, tucked away behind all the wine crap. Unbelievable! These paintings, by Alexander Kanchik, deserved to be out front and center, especially when compared to the other works there. There were at least 4-6 of his paintings, all of the same excellent caliber and mood. I started snapping some shots of them to share with you all here  (no flash of course) and the arrogant  owner made me stop. When I asked why, he mumbled something about not wanting the images reproduced. When I told him I only blog and post lo-res images which aren’t good enough to print, it didn’t matter. Then he had the balls to say “I’m not a big fan of guerilla marketing anyway…” Whatever the hell that means. Excuse me for wanting to give him and his artist’s free advertising.

Nonetheless, Kanchik’s lovely ladies are a sight to behold. Checked his website but couldn’t find them on there. Wasn’t as crazy about the images I did see there. Not sure if the site isn’t updated well or what. If you do go to Gallery 1870 to see the works, wait till you can purchase them from the artist himself. Don’t support a gallery that gives off the attitude this one did, we don’t need any more snooty galleries.

5 Stars for Alexander Kanchik, 1 Star for Gallery 1870

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