Bouchon Bakery and Restaurant, Yountville, Napa Valley

If you are ever going to eat white bread again, this is the place to do it. Friggin’ incredible. They bring it before your meal, DO NOT have them send it away or you might as well stop living now. We visit this restaurant whenever we are in the Napa Valley, that is if we can afford it. Not cheap. But then, at least you get what you pay for… By far one of the best restaurants in the Bay Area. The steak is done to gentle tender, juicy perfection, the fries are gobble-them-up-before-someone-else-does good.

Our faves (besides the bread and the fries) are the Salade Maraîchère au Chèvre Chaud, the Gigot d’Agneau and the steak. They aren’t arrogant and stuffy here, refreshing for wine country. Nice decor too, although I wouldn’t have minded a nice painting or two instead of one of the many lurid gold mirrors. Overall, a very satisfying meal with fresh tastes and ingredients.

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