Clark Mitchell’s Art and Sunflower Cafe, Sonoma California

Recently went to the Wine Country and visited Sonoma’s downtown. We ate at Sunflower Cafe and ended up going back a few times. Great food, ambiance and patio eating. Food was fresh with lots of veggie options, tasty combinations and totally lip-smacking good! We had breakfast and lunch there, omelets, salads, wonderful all! Five stars!

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Topping it off was a wonderful exhibit of landscapes by local artist Clark Mitchell. They were by far the best ones we saw, even after combing thru the actual galleries in town. The colors were vibrant and alive, lots of feel and fun colored shadows. Vivid palm trees, snowy mountains, autumn lakes with grace. Not the typical boring vineyards we saw everywhere else. Checked out his website and the works posted there were not as lively or colorful. Maybe the photos are dull or maybe he just hasn’t updated it in awhile. If you are looking for a nice show to see in town, check Clark’s art out here at Sunflower Cafe. It says it will be up till July 31st.

Clark Mitchell website

Sunflower Cafe Website

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