Art On Minna Street, Two Galleries and A Garage

Went to see a few galleries this week-end. They are all located by SF Moma so it makes an easy stop to see them all. Starting off with Catherine Clark’s Gallery and the “Teen Age: You Just Don’t Understand” exhibit. Didn’t float my boat, too much installation and pretentious video for me.

Then I ducked into Chandler Fine Art’s for the Alexis Manheim exhibit (below). Once again I wasn’t crazy about the art, but to be fair I am not big on most abstract art. These pieces were nice enough just not my cup of tea.

Across the street in the windows of the parking garage were three dynamic works which made me jut across the street. These works (below) were better than the works I had just seen by far. The artist was Jesse Hazelip and the series was titled “Feather Merchant”. The glass and the lighting made them difficult to get a good photo but believe me these are worth seeing. Mixed media large paintings with a rough but sweet, street art feel to them.

For Jesse’s site click here.

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2 Responses to Art On Minna Street, Two Galleries and A Garage

  1. sfbayarts says:

    Don’t have one, Janee..

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