Cutting It Up With Winston Smith

Winston does some very major collage works, some fun and some hard-hitting political statements. Lots of punk rock flyer imagery and the ever so lively Dead Kennedy’s posters. He has a show up right now, thru Oct. 14th at the  Robert Berman/E6 gallery in SF. Titled “Deep Dimension” it is a retrospective of 30 years worth of work.

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“Smith has created more than 50 album covers, including Green Day’s “Insomniac,” multiple Dead Kennedys records, one of George Carlin’s last comedy albums, an elaborate 4-panel insert for Ben Harper’s Both Sides of the Gun, and a gate-fold cover for Harper’s album entitled, White Lies for Dark Times (Virgin). Smith’s collage art has been featured in scores of magazines, including dozens of times in Playboy and Spin, as well as on the covers of The New Yorker, The Progressive, Adbusters, Utne Reader, and Maximum Rock & Roll. Most recently, in June 2010, Smith was interviewed by the largest music culture publication in Italy, XL Magazine.” – From Punkchick blog

ROBERT BERMAN / E6 GALLERY, 1632 Market Street, San Francisco, Calif. 94102

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