Local Artist Mike Davis, Tattoos and Masterworks

I first saw Mike’s works years ago and have watched his works progress to the masterworks they are now- a kind of new brow surreal meets Hieronymous Bosch. Born in 1961 in Jacksonville, Florida, Mike Davis currently lives and works in San Francisco. He is also a damn fine tattoo artist and the proprietor of Everlasting Tattoo. Unbelievably beautiful works, hinting of the past and speaking to our future.

Forward Not Straight

“Walking fish and die-playing scorpions, gregarious snakes and giant butterflies, and human figures with bird heads inhabit this curious universe, made seductive by Davis’ lush oils and Renaissance palette of reds, ochers, and blues. The paintings depict a world of myth, fantasy, and colliding timeframes, a land “on the other side of the bridge,” but one that resonates with our own—not as memory but as dream.”- From Joshua Liner gallery

In The Grand Scheme

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One Response to Local Artist Mike Davis, Tattoos and Masterworks

  1. bobby decker says:

    mike, its bobby decker. draw somthing of our mid west child hood. people will shit.your ohio fan.latter..

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