Blue Canvas: A Nice New Art Magazine and Website

Blue Canvas, Issue 5 Cover

Been looking at Blue Canvas for a couple of months now and decided to pimp it. Excellent printing and selection of art and artists. Eclectic and varied – full of talent and imagination. You may not like everything in it but one can appreciate all the skill and imagery. Thankfully – not much of a focus on abstract art or the more pretentious installation art, which the other “fine art” mags out there seem to regurgitate every chance they get. Check it out next time you are at the bookstore, buy an issue to help keep it going! I also like the fact that they keep the layout and design very clean. When pop art magazines (like Juxtapoz) get all fancy with their background colors and typography, it really clutters up the pages. And in the end, makes the text hard to read and distracts from the art.

The Blue Canvas website is really great as well, overflowing with artists’ portfolios that you can spend hours perusing- very nice! I did some simple searches for “music”, “rock and roll” and “guitar” – came up with the three wonderful works below. You can also search by geographic region which should help out galleries looking for local artists. Might want to find a Christmas gift for that special someone and help support an artist at the same time…

"Early Days" by J.W. Miller

“The Girl With The Most Cake” by Patrushka

"Venice Beach Musicians" by Paul Torres

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  1. Artful says:

    Nice info, thanks for the post!

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