Great Surreal Art in Napa at Somerston, Yountville

Diane Julia Frick

Made a stop in Yountville for some of the wonderful bread at the Bouchon bakery and while driving away I spied what promised to be some killer art – thru the windows of the Somerston Wine Company. ( On Washington St. directly across the street from the Villagio Hotel in Yountville).  Did a U-turn to stop and check it out. Generally I am very bored with most the art in the wine country, way too many vineyards and landscapes with little flair or creativity. However the art at Somerston’s is really worth taking a trek for. Too bad they don’t have anything promoting the artists on their website, or at least I couldn’t find the section. The two artists that really shouted out with some surreal feel and colorful dynamic imagery were Diane Julia Frick and Edward Ian Grant . Both artists works are beautiful, interesting and emotive. Any of these paintings would command the decor in your living room, adding an element of artistic design of  mastery. Taking a look at their websites- Grant has more figurative works, some with more of an abstract feel- but all with flowing gesture and vibrant color. His jazz paintings really knocked my socks off. And Frick’s works are Magritte-meets-woman feel, full of narrative images, saturated colors and wonderful surreal juxtapositions. I just loved the ones here at Somerston. Please excuse my lousy photos and know that the paintings themselves are a hundred times better in person.  Better yet, buy one for that space over your couch, the one with the faded Marshall’s print you’ve been meaning to replace. 🙂

Diane Julia Frick

Diane Julia Frick

Diane Julia Frick

Edmund Ian Grant

Edmund Ian Grant

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