Incline Gallery in San Francisco

Okay,I took an Xmas break there – but I’m back now. The art scene has picked up a little after the holidays doldrums.

Checked out a new gallery called Incline Gallery” in the Mission. A strange shaped space, basically long ramps leading up to a landing. But lots of wall space! The opening “And Other Oddities” was packed, kinda’ like running the gauntlet. Only a few large installation pieces in the show, mostly boring to me. Guess they weren’t “odd” enough for me. The one piece at the entrance was interesting, a projected scene sideways down the hall. Overall, they could do a lot more with the space and it would be nice to view art in (on an non-opening night). I hope they do more with it for the next show. It looks like they have a Valentines show up next on the calendar, “And  It Felt Like A Kiss”. Hope it’s packed with lots of cool art!


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