Art Thou: A Mixed Bag

While visiting friends for dinner in Berkeley, stumbled on a little gallery. We were visiting Zachary’s Pizza on Solano Ave. and right up the street, way down a little sidewalk alley was an art opening at “The Art Thou Gallery“. It was packed full of art, some kinda-granola, some very nice but with little verve and a few pieces I really enjoyed. The show was titled “Mixed Bag” and the eclectic nature of the show insures something for everyone. Apparently they are attached to a signage store and I couldn’t find any info on their site about the gallery. But maybe that is to come? Have featured a few of my faves here.

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One Response to Art Thou: A Mixed Bag

  1. Tom Young says:

    Thank you for featuring two of my paintings on your blog! I painted the cartoony cops and robbers; The artist who painted the ladies and the abstract, her name is Cricket Deetz, a very talented Albany resident. Thank you for peeking in to the gallery and writing this cool blurb. There will be a closing reception for ‘Mixed Bag” on Saturday, March 19, with a bunch of new paintings that absolutely shine. Please, tell everyone you know about this gallery, we are trying to get lots of momentum going, and get lots of visitors.

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