Regalito Roasticeria: Roasted It!

After an art opening in the Mission, we ducked into Regalito Roasticeria for some dinner. The food was outstanding, fresh, tasty and authentic enough without being boring or predictable. Flavors abounded and we couldn’t get enough.

The guacamole (GUACAMOLE CON TOSTADAS) was as good as it gets and it was served up with freshly made, still-hot large tortillas, that you break into your own bite-size chips. Best chips ever! We also had the ENSALADA ESPINICAS and the POLLO CON MOLE NEGRO – both were great. We sat at the bar where you can watch all the food happen. The woman making the tortillas was mesmerizing and hypnotic, she wailed through a whole stack while we sat there.

Empanadas, to try at our next meal here...

To top it all off, the walls were hung with some incredible art by Julian Faulkner. It was colorful, fun, vibrant and festive with a touch of folk-art feel. The two large pieces were total eye candy full of  flora and fauna, shaped into scarecrow people. Wonderful! (See the one at the top of the post)

He also had a bunch of little pieces, a series of bugs, insects and critters that really got my art buzz agoing…

Couldn’t find a website for Julian, but the restaurant has his contact info if you want to snag up something festive for your walls! Regalito is at : 3481 18th St, San Francisco, CA  (415) 503-0650.  LINK

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