Outside In at 1:AM Gallery

Dropped in to see the show at 1 :AM Gallery in the city this week end. The exhibit is titled “Outside In” and features street art by – Buter, Jurne, Ufo, Wand and Keb. This is a clean, well-lit space, not too small, just big enough. Most the images were lacking any luster for me, overall it had a wallpaper feel- not much to excite or stimulate the creative juices. If this is the best they can come up with, maybe they should expand their curatorship to include non-“street” art as well. However, there is a wealth of good art out there on the city walls, this just wasn’t it for me. It wasn’t bad, just wasn’t that great either, kind of non-committal and oatmeal- bland. Too much abstraction without identifiable imagery. The show is up thru March 12th, if you like what you see here.


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