New Beginnings at Space Gallery in SF

Checked out the opening of “New Beginnings” at Space Gallery this weekend and was stoked to see a lot of great art. This is a bar and gallery so not sure what the hours are, the website seemed a little lacking in info, for the show as well. The main bar is downstairs at street level and upstairs are a number of large rooms full of a lot of art. Good space for art – lots of space, hence the name. Some walls were filled with art that didn’t warrant the hanging time or placement, not great caliber. Other walls were overflowing with wonderful images and creativity.

I loved Mike Shine, Isabel Samaras, Jesse Balmer and a number of others- but the names aren’t all on the gallery website yet; tags near the pieces on the wall would have been helped. A ton of good stuff here, so check it out !  Just picked out many of my favorite ones here, for the slideshow, below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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