Not Rocked by Yumiko Kayukawa at Shooting Gallery

Visited “Rock You In A Tatami Room”, a solo of works by  Yumiko Kayukawa at The Shooting Gallery over the weekend. The images were all somewhat delicate, pretty and decorative of predictable Asian young girls or women, in settings with animals and flowers. I have noticed a lot of works like these, all following in the footsteps of the success of Audrey Kawasaki. This style is leaving me yawning, they may be a nice addition to the decor of your room but as far as moving me in any way – not happening. Audrey’s works at least have a feel, with subtle shadings and wood grains. Yumiko paints in a very flat and even style, almost looks like a silkscreen, with minimal shading or texture. Lacking small detail with a cold, paint-by-numbers feel – the pretty little doodles of a beginning art student. Shown here are the best 3 pieces, I did like the octopus one (above), being a sucker for mermaids. Yet it also reminded me of the the master Masami Teraoka and his incredible watercolors- full of skill and message- so much unlike these works. This show will probably sell well, considering the pedestrian tastes of most people. And in this economy, one can’t blame an artist (or a gallery) for wanting to sell…

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