Surrealism At The New Home of Frey Norris Gallery

Frey Norris has moved to a nice big new space and the “Exultation: Sex, Death and Madness in Eight Surrealist Masterworks” exhibit is their first here. The lighting for this show was really horrible, not enough of it and what there was, was often angled strange and un-even. These works are surrealist pieces of the classics, ones you probably have seen before in books or museums. There weren’t any new surrealist works by  living artists – it would have been fun to mix a few in with the old school…

What is here is wonderful, if you can see it. Especially the Yves Tanguy (above) and the Leonora Carrington (below).

Here are some other pics of the surrealists we liked-

Here’s a view of the new gallery space…

The contemporary art that Frey Norris had displayed was hit and miss, some we really enjoyed, most we didn’t.  The best piece was by Kate Eric – a combo partner artist team. A huge, abstract and floating colorful burst – lots of depth, texture and contradictions.

The wonderful sculpture by Lionel Bawden, fashioned out of  nothing but white pencils was a showstopper! Sensual, jagged and gravity defying…

Another great sculpture by Laurel Roth was beautiful but the interesting part about it, one doesn’t notice till up close. It is constructed out of a zillion cheap barettes (like the clip-on ones from the dollar store) and glittery fake fingernails. Fantastic. Check out the detail below…

Also enjoyed the graphite works by Dana Harel, very much…

Last words. The lighting was a real problem and I hope it gets resolved. The young woman who worked there, had a cloying, over-attentive way about her – which made me want to run. (She should act more like a professional, not a hooker.) The new space is very expansive and open; there is definitely room for more local art here.

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