Visiting the “Moment” Exhibit at 111 Minna Gallery

We were pretty excited when we heard 111 Minna Gallery was going to do a photography show , however “Moment” left us wanting more.

The gallery’s website described the show as:

“An exhibition featuring the work of Kelly Nicolaisen, including her photographic collaborations featuring the artists, Mars One, Erin Eisenhower, Skinner, Nate Van Dyke, Kelly Allen, NoMe Edonna, Merkley, Henry Lewis, Charmaine Olivia, Adam 5100, David Choong Lee, Romanowski, John Wentz and Micah LeBrun. Also incorporating the large and dynamic work of guest photographer, Robert Vo.”

Personally, the work of Kelly was okay, nothing to write home about – somewhat empty and typical. The set up shots lacked creativity of any freshness  for me and the spark just wasn’t there. The other artists that she “collaborated” with are a source of excellent art but they didn’t shine through here. Wish they had. Here’s a few pictures from the show for you to decide for yourself, and there are better ones on Minna’s site. (link above)

On the brighter side – Minna is hosting another exhibit with Last Gasp,” Art Almighty”– it opens tonight. It looks almost as good as the last one they partnered on,  a little heavier on the cartoon influenced art, but it should be well worthwhile. Preview for it is here.

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