BayGirl: Kelly Tunstall, Artist

Kelly Tunstall is a local Bay Area artist’s whose work we just love. She paints in a style that reminds me of vintage 1960’s wall decor mixed with a little of today’s edge- fashionable young women in various poses. Hope you like!

From a 2009 interview with SBC Magazine –

Now you live and work in San Francisco. What role does the city play in your life and work?
A huge part; everything is inspiring, but mostly, having access to a variety of art materials counts most to me right now. Finding stuff that I like to work with is hard — I’m always experimenting with something new. Since my relationship with the city is not a new one now, we’re like old friends. I feel like it’s lost its newness, but I’m always surprised by a new neighborhood I haven’t met every other week or so!

For Kelly’s website click here and have fun in your travels…


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