Pizza at Paisan and Checkin’ Out A Berkeley Hood

Well the picture ought to say it all. We ate lunch recently at Paisan on San Pablo Ave. in Berkeley. The pizza above is the Pesto: rocket salad and grana padana at $10.50. Yummy rocket, very fresh ingredients, tasty crust and perfect herbs. We also tried the Molto Aglissimo: roasted garlic, roasted green garlic, fresh chopped garlic, spring onion, parmesan, fontina at $10.50. Being garlic lovers -this also hit the spot, with lots of leftovers to take home. The Fried Olives were a new discovery and a great little starter for a group of olive lovers.

The neighborhood is called Berkeley’s “Left Bank” and has a number of great shops, indie businesses and cafes to browse and linger in. One of the shops “Kiss My Ring” was closed, but the enticements in the windows will bring us back to shop. It looked full of art and arty items, handmade and original goods – perfect for gifts. There is a “Good Vibrations” here as well for the erotic toy or two, a vintage clothes shop, a florist/home decor shop with fun little assembled indoor herb gardens and quite a few other stops for another day. Nice little area to discover! Will be back.

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