Balenciaga: Drooling At The De Young

The Balenciaga exhibit currently on view at the De Young Museum is a treat for sore eyes. His designs are more sculpture than fashion, beautiful sleek and subtle to outlandish fantasy and bursts of textiles. They fly, explode, trail, fold, implode, and swoop in projecting movement. I  fell in love with so many garments here- the vintage fabrics just paled all our modern day productions. The exhibit itself was well done, dimly lit to preserve the textiles and a little over-crowded. The British woman behind me kept pushing into me which was really annoying, when I asked here to cease and desist -she mouthed off to me. Oh well. There were nice colored lights projections back lighting some of the dresses really beautifully. It would have been great to see some of the dresses on rotating turntables to get the full effect but overall a show to make you want to play dress up. Balenciaga was obviously a master at design, not afraid to take risks and never a boring design.

The workmanship in the garments was incredible, from a full sequined gown in black and white to a very detailed embroidered shawl that just popped with color.

The exhibit is up until July 4th – so go get inspired!

And the two bull fighter tuxedo jackets were to-die-for! Wanted to take both of them home.

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