In San Francisco: Aspect Gallery’s Spring Show, 2011

SF Bay Arts dropped into Aspect Gallery for their latest show, a mixed plate of mediums and local artists. Aspect is also a framing shop with gallery space in front as well as in a back room. The refreshments at the opening were abundant and yummy,  a nice sofa or two to kick back on and some live music; the whole evening had  a very nice vibe to the gathering.

The art in the front room we weren’t crazy about,  it was nice work, just a little too “safe” for us. In the back gallery area there were a number of artists that really spoke to us – with verve and accomplished strokes. It would have been nice if the artists who were present had had name tags on, we weren’t sure who the artists were.  The artist –Patrushkahad a wall full of dynamic portraits, we especially enjoyed the one of  Kat Von D (below). Another one titled “Lady Camille” was fascinating and looked like it might have sold already, as they were removing it from the wall.

Artist Jeffrey Neugebauer (below) had some wonderful surreal paintings that reached out to grab us as we walked thru. Just loved his sense of lighting and floating juxtapositions.

And last but not least were Sheela Singla‘s (below) interesting graphite compositions, full of merged bodies and symbolic settings. Lots to look at in these.

The exhibit is up thru June 8th and is a fresh collection worth seeing. We may have to go back and snag the “Kat Von D” before someone else does.  Loved the little bat someone had painted in the front windows!

Aspect Gallery,  731 POLK STREET (Between Ellis & Eddy…) in San Francisco

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One Response to In San Francisco: Aspect Gallery’s Spring Show, 2011

  1. I wish I was there !

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