The Best of Art Explosion in SF, Spring 2011 Review

Happy campers leaving with some just purchased art...

We had a chance to spend a great night out at the Art Explosion Open Studios in San Francisco. If you have never been, mark it down for your to-do list. It is a huge space, full of art and artists, jam packed in their little studios.  Many different kinds of art, media and subject matter. Everyone had food, wine and munchies… lots happening with music and chatter. Most the artists were attending and the interesting way each artist presented their works was great. Some just propped them behind the snacks, some were just laid on the paint smeared work tables, some drew on the walls and some hung them professionally. There is A LOT to see here – some really good and some really bad. We have picked just our personal favorites here for the slideshow, below. Apologies for no artist’s credits, just don’t have the time to post them all with each individual piece. If you see something you like, just head on down there and snatch it up. Check their website here, too. There were some really low prices, many under $50.00, for  fantastic art!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2425 17th St,SF,CA 

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