“The Art Official Truth” Exhibit at Project One

Dropped into the opening  “The Art Official Truth” last night, a group exhibition curated by Chor Boogie. Project One is a newish space, with a large gallery area combo bar. The exhibit had a number of excellent pieces in it but more than a few duds as well. Fifty percent of the pieces seemed to lack basic skills, either in rendering or in imagination. We have featured the cream of the crop (which were pretty creamy) here below….

This was a wonderful very large piece by Robert Burden, “Foot Soldier”. The little niches at the top held little action figures, see below.

These beautiful glassworks – “Lucid Dawn” by Boogie Birds

Saratoga Sake had a killer eye painting, titled “Brown”… this was our favorite piece in the whole show!

Sharktoof’s “Troubled Waters” had a nice kind worn, vintage feel to it, adventure comics gone astray.

This painting by Chor Boogie was a really nice little piece, the patina had an old world feel, meshed with spray paint.

The obvious painting skill and intense realism of Chase Tafoya’s “Untitled” blew us both away. Stupendous!

There were also two great portraits by Akira Beard, right by the entrance. Unfortunately we couldn’t get close enough to them to get a good photo- don’t miss them if you go. The exhibit dates are June 17 – August 6, 2011.

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