“Hello, Tomorrow” Exhibit – Gives Us A Goodbye….

Michelle Waters

Drove over to Berkeley to check out the “Hello, Tomorrow” exhibit, it seemed (from the web blurb) to be a professional and interesting show. It was Saturday around noon, when we arrived at the Hazel Wolf Gallery. As soon as we walked in the unlocked doors, an abruptly rude man told us to leave, as they “were setting up a wedding reception”.  After looking quickly around, I saw an adjoining room where they were indeed setting up some tables. Since this “gallery” is really a lobby (of the David Brower Center), I didn’t understand how we could possibly be in the way, so I asked if we could just take a quick look at the art and was coldly told again to leave. We were able to snap only one photo of the above piece by Waters, a really wonderful, thoughtful piece. This was very disappointing, galleries that are closed on Saturdays have always puzzled me. We saw a few pieces through the window from the outside as we were leaving, they all looked promising, so maybe we will come back during the week. One painting right by the window was by Anthony Holdsworth, after going to his site, I chose the one below which looked like it might be it. A beautifully vibrant and colorful piece!

Anthony Holdsworth

Artists in the show are : Mari Andrews · Timothy Armstrong · Claire Brandt · Noah Breuer · Mark Bryan · Hagit Cohen · Alicia Escott · Lisa Espenmiller · William Harsh · Ryan Hendon ·Anthony Holdsworth · Grant Johnson · Michael Kerbow ·Kimberlee Koym-Murteira · Alexis Laurent · Jeff Long ·Viviana Paredes · Ruth Santee · Judith Selby Lang and Richard Lang · Esther Traugot · Michelle Waters · Stephen Whisler

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