The “Create” Exhibit at the Berkeley Art Museum

Favorite piece in the show!

SF Bay Arts visited the Berkeley Art Museum to see their current show – “Create”. From their site- Create presents work made at three pioneering centers for artists with developmental disabilities, Creative Growth Art Center in Oakland, San Francisco’s Creativity Explored, and NIAD Art Center in Richmond. The artists in this exhibition possess the level of talent, independence, and depth of feeling that makes the most powerful art possible. Yet, as disabled artists, their work has not been widely seen.” 

A great idea for a show; however it lacked the abundance of great work we know is out there. The excellent past shows at Eclectix Gallery in El Cerrito and Compound Gallery in Oakland are proof the work is out there. The BAM is a great space, huge exhibition areas and architecturally astounding.

We have gone to a number of shows here and are consistently disappointed by their lack of vision. With so many great artists here in the East Bay, they should be filling the place regularly with knock-out, imaginative and cutting edge shows. There are so many walls in hallways and throughout the museum that are left blank, crying out for art. In the exhibitions, they show “safe” and established artists, boring abstract and “fine art” that the usual snobby art world deems worthy of constant over exposure. while fresh new talent and local groundbreakers go ignored. It would be wonderful to see a show here along the lines of the Tim Burton or the street art show up at LACMA right now or the ones the San Jose Museum of Art has shown- Camille Rose Garcia (who is a local) and Todd Schorr. This exhibit at least tried to go in a new direction, showing local artists, the best pieces we have posted below.

Featured artists: Mary Belknap, Jeremy Burleson, Attilio Crescenti, Daniel Green, Willie Harris, Carl Hendrickson, Michael Bernard Loggins, Dwight Mackintosh, John Patrick McKenzie, James Miles, Dan Miller, James Montgomery, Marlon Mullen, Bertha Otoya, Aurie Ramirez, Evelyn Reyes, Lance Rivers, Judith Scott, William Scott, and William Tyler.

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