A Peek at the New Varnish Space

New Varnish exterior

Visited the new gallery space of Varnish Fine Arts recently. A gallery with some great contemporary art, they closed down a few years ago due to the city claiming “imminent domain” on their site.  They basically lost their location after a huge fight. Picked up a grand ” re-launch” announcement and the next show looks like it will be fantastic. Would post it here, but their was no art on it, just a somewhat corporate looking logo.  Their new digs are much smaller than their previous one, sadly with no cocktail bar. It is close to their old location, down an alley.  Hanging on the wall were some wonderful paintings by Isabel Samaras and Jennybird Alcantara; some nice sculptures scattered here and there.

Varnish's new interior

From their website-  “Part I of the official Relaunch Exhibitions opens with a reception Saturday September 24th.”

Varnish is at One Ecker Place in downtown SF.

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