“Move Me” at Big Umbrella Moves Us

Kelly Puissegur

Dropped into a combo studios/ gallery over the week-end, “Move Me” at Big Umbrella, in San Francisco. This is a themed group show, all about bicycles – from their website:

“Bikes, bicycles, bicyclettes, velocipedes. Whatever you choose to call them, these people-powered, wheeled wonders perform one job, and they do it beautifully. They move us. Bicycles mean many things to many people the world over. To some it’s a dalliance into childhood nostalgia, to others it’s the means to earn a living, while to others it’s a lifestyle.”

Tayler Nichols

Really liked a lot of the art, we have posted our favorites. Their website was a little lacking for info about the exhibit, couldn’t find the artists names or how long the show is up. So we did the best we could with the credits and our notes. Some very nice pieces in the exhibit with a fun, different subject matter. Worth checking out, very reasonable prices on some excellent art – check their hours before you go.

Bud Hauso

Cool steampunk bike

Couldn't find a name on this one...

Personal favorite was this one by Montez

Zac Amendolia

Wel Sed


San Francisco Art Gallery

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