“Semiprecious’ – Sam Wolfe Connelly at Spoke Art

Spoke Art opening exhibition of "Semiprecious"

Dropped into the opening of Spoke Art’s new gallery to see the “Semiprecious” , a solo show of works by  Sam Wolfe Connelly. It is a nice, clean little space and the show was perfectly spaced.  Sam has a very sensual, soft feel to his medium – lots of sexy, pretty young women in the throes of melancholy.  The subject matter struck us as somewhat vacant and empty – they seemed to need a little garlic.

Below, are a few picks we liked from the bunch.

This next piece (below) had a beautiful feel to the receding river and grasslands, as well  as a  warm, orange glow coloration that was breathtaking. The logs and tree branches almost looked like rough textured dragons, with an animated angst and flow to their postures. But the “sexy babe” in the foreground tended to cheapen the poetry of the composition.

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