Art Attack at Blue Jay Cafe

Mural on wall, Blue Jay Cafe, by Charles

We ate a light dinner at Blue Jay Cafeone night while we were n the hood. It is a nice cafe, pleasant ambiance with creative decor and lots of original art! The food was okay, healthy and tasty – however, it could use some more flavor and herbs. A little more was needed with each dish – more fresh rosemary and lemon on the chicken, more garlic or herbs on the potatoes, more goat cheese in the salad, etc… And the server was a little slow in getting to us. On the big plus side, there was no wait for a table, cause we were hungry!

The art was excellent, interesting and pleasing – didn’t leave us hungry. There was a series of portrait based works by Serge Gay Jr all along one wall – very nice pieces. Checked out his website and he has a ton of pop art imagery and celeb portraits on it, worth spending some time there. Really loved the feel of “Masculine Appeal” (below). The bottom 2 pix we pulled off his site. The art might bring us back next time!

Interior Blue Jay Cafe

Cool lighting, Blue Jay Cafe

"Masculine Appeal" by Serge Gay Jr.

Serge Gay Jr.

Serge Gay Jr.

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3 Responses to Art Attack at Blue Jay Cafe

  1. Looks like a cool place to eat. I like the decor.

  2. wonderfulcotne says:

    Those last two are gorgeous. Love the texture going in all different directions. Thanks for sharing!


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