Christopher Burch’s Velvet Platters

Christopher Burch

Stopped into 1AM Gallery in September and we were captivated by the works of local artist, Christopher Burch. These are paintings on silver serving trays, the kind you see at thrift stores by the dozen. The art had a beautiful, matte velvet quality to it in person, dark but somehow cheery in the subject matter. The filigree of the trays mixed with the swirling happy little worm characters in a great way. It was very, very, very difficult to capture the subtleties of grays and blacks in a photograph – these really have to be seen in person. We pumped up the contrast in the shots here.

Detail shot

From his FaceBook page:
Christopher’s, aim is to create a visual language that captures the ectoplasmic echoes existing between laughter and death, the space between erasure and presence, the conflict between the singular and multiplicity, the uncanny ability of the comedic to show the vulnerable, the horrific, the morbid, the schizophrenic, and the ghostly, all at the same blurring moment in time.
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One Response to Christopher Burch’s Velvet Platters

  1. wonderfulcotne says:

    Whoa, very beautiful…. they’re like little magic mirrors. I’m a big fan of using “found” canvas like this, and I love the description on his FB page, too… very fitting.


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