Feelin’ the Fog City Love

Had a festive dinner at the Fog City Diner over the holidays and had to share their incredible neon signage. The whole place just takes you back to the good old days, one half expects Humphrey Bogart to walk thru the door with Lauren Bacall on his arm. The original Art Deco architecture and decor is so homey and beautiful, places like this are hard to come by in today’s tear-down world. The streamlined bar has that old atomic age design, with cozy booths all around the curved windows. To be honest, the food could have been a little better – the ribeye was flavorless and a little tough. The onion rings were awesome by themselves, big and crunchy fresh, generous portions – but they would have done better with a herb Ranch to dip them in. The hot ticket was the beet and apple salad, just incredibly delicious! Very nice place to enjoy ambiance of the past mixed with the new crowd, finished off with a night time walk along the Embarcadero, right across the street.

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