“The Matter Within”- New Art From India at Yerba Buena

Visited the YBCA – Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, to check out some contemporary India artists. The show is titled “The Matter Within” and we were quite pleasantly surprised by a quite a number of images, altho the show was a little too photography influenced.

The Yogini (above) by Pushpamala N. was a beautiful piece with the artist posing in her own fantasy photograph. Next up were some fun photographs portraying cross-dressers and guys in drag within various rebellious settings. (below)

The commentary on commercialization and pop culture by Thukral & Tagra – detergent bottles with men as labels, was strong & arresting. (below)

A series of great photographs from Gauri Gill, one of which is below.

And another series, this one by Anup Mathew Thomas. The subjects are ironically iconic- Indian men in Catholic priest garb.

The last piece we really liked, by Rina Banerjee, was a huge sculpture laid a sandy floor area. An assemblage, she is a resting deity designed to distill the matriarchal warmaker image. (Below)

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