Big Head Sculptures in Downtown

Was walking around downtown the other night and stumbled upon these new gigantic and fun head sculptures. There are three of them, rather totemic and friendly in a Tim Burton sort of way. A really nice addition to the area, especially in contrast to the garish, primary colored, metal monstrosity in the plaza adjacent to them.

Found this info about them, below, from SF Gate:

“San Francisco mandates that new downtown buildings must include publicly accessible space of some sort. Like any mandate, this one’s had mixed results – but the best spaces make the effort worth the trouble. Here, alongside the 555 Mission office tower, a through-block plaza features artful benches, a living wall, easy access from the sidewalk – and a trio of mottled aluminum heads that keep an amiably surrealistic eye on the scene. Too much corporate art is innocuous abstraction, designed to be ignored. These guys always make me smile.”

“Moonrise Sculptures” – Sculptures by Ugo Rondinone

555 Mission St, SF, CA

Read more:

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