Artful Easter Dresses Harajuku Style

Stumbled upon a beautiful little shop, Harajuku Hearts on Kearny in San Francisco recently. Couldn’t resist doing a little post here, especially since the dress (above) would be perfect to wear for the Easter bunny. Or the Spring goddess…

This place was overflowing with wonderful party dresses, fun accessories, jewelry – just downright quality, classic textiles for the Harajuku in you. You could be Little Bo Peep or go goth – a great selection of black designs touched by Victorian elements. Loved it!

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One Response to Artful Easter Dresses Harajuku Style

  1. Have you seen Kamikaze Girls? You would probably love it. I really enjoyed this article and nominated your blog for the Sunshine Blog Award over on my blog, Ink. You can find the rules under Blog Awards.

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