Brain Dettmer’s Carved Books

We visited Brian’s show at Toomey Tourell Gallery in SF to check out his fabulous book carvings in person. His works are so detailed and wonderfully dimensional,  they beg to be experienced in person and they don’t disappoint. Captured as many details as we could for you…

“In this new series I continue to question the past, present and future of the book by exploring and expanding the possibilities of the book’s form and content. After a book or series of books is sealed into a solid form,I cut into the surface, reading with my knife one page or layer at a time. Fragmented images, words and ideas emerge to expose and create new relationships within the book’s internal elements. In recent work I have shifted the focus to text and transcribed the visual poetry that emerges from the sculptures onto the printed page, highlighting a new light on the chance text while illustrating the clouds of ideas within a piece. For my Paper Back series, horizontal rows of multiple paperback books in specific genres are compressed and sanded into solid linear forms. The investigation into language, its possibilities and limitations continues as suggestive clichés are carved into the surface of the fictitious narratives. Hundreds of words and phrases are excavated within each letter, creating links and clusters of ideas. Words are torn from their original meaning and float to latch onto new possibilities”.

For more incredible literary sculptures, Brian’s website link is here…

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