Leslie Show’s Geology

We visited SF MOMA and were able to catch the exhibit, The SECA Awards, 50 Years of Bay Area Art, before it closed. This was an interesting and wonderful show with artists we hadn’t seen before and altho the exhibit is over, we wanted to feature the ones we really liked – in different posts. It is really rewarding to see a show like this at SF Moma – local and fresh artists – instead of the same old Warhols and Fridas. There were way to many to cover in one post, so for the next little while we will be sharing all these fantastic artists with you.


This abstract piece by Leslie Shows is one that has to be seen in person. There are so many layers and textures to get lost in, that disappear on a computer screen. It is a very large long piece, mixed media, with little bits of cut-out imagery thrown into the strata every now and then. Fabulous to stare at for hours.

“These paintings similarly waver between abstraction and a detailed sense of realism.
In previous works, Shows reveled in geological interests, creating mixed-media representations of arid salt mines, earthly locations formed over vast time frames.” – ArtForum

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