Colter Jacobsen’s Mixed Clippings

We visited SF MOMA and were able to catch the exhibit, The SECA Awards, 50 Years of Bay Area Art, before it closed. This was an interesting and wonderful show with artists we hadn’t seen before and altho the exhibit is over, we wanted to feature the ones we really liked – in different posts. It is really rewarding to see a show like this at SF Moma – local and fresh artists – instead of the same old Warhols and Fridas. There were way to many to cover in one post, so for awhile we have been sharing all these fantastic artists with you. This is the last one of the bunch!

Colter had a large installation of graphites (based on news clippings) and mixed media works we really liked. The little sign (above) stuck high up in the corner of his 2 walls was a wonderful touch.

“I’VE ALWAYS LIKED THE WORD WINDOW, because it means “wind” and “eye,” apparently. Once when I was reading the obituary page, I noticed the way the paper became transparent when I held it up to the sun. There was a woman, whose name was Wentworth, and on the other side of the page was an atomic bomb explosion. Her head appeared to be inside that explosion. The immediate doubling gave me something to compare and contrast; I think we as humans are fascinated with comparing. It comes out of copying. Copying is an attempt to retain something, like a memory. Even memory is the beginning of doubling, in a sense.”Via ArtForum

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