Two Notorious Days Left…

Napoleon: “The Apparition” -Lance Hewison

You’ve two days left to visit SF’s  Modern Eden‘s current exhibit “Notorious”, a great show of famous guys and gals. Portraits of History’s Most Infamous, an International Art Exhibit Curated by Bradley Platz. Take some time this weekend and visit this solid show, you will be glad you did, it ends July 8th.

From Modern Eden Gallery: What is “Notorious” is relative to time, historical documentation, legend and cultural interpretation. A person considered notorious in their time might be viewed differently today, whereby modern standards change, the nature of what is morally “bad” changes. This exhibition is partly a testament to the misunderstood, the cultural pioneers, and partly a condemnation of the truly and memorably evil. It is an artistic survey of the shifting nature of what is considered ‘Notorious’ and a testament to the various ways of rising and falling to fame. 

Link to all the art. 

Exhibiting artists are Aaron Hodges, Akira Beard, Albert Ramos, Bradley Platz, Brian Pollett, Calvin Lai, Daniel J. Valadez, Damir Simic, Derek Harrison, Emilio Villalba, Leilani Bustamante, Michael Ryan, Paul Morin, Rachel Moseley, Robert Bowen, Sidharth Chaturvedi, Hugh Leeman, Jaxon Northon, John Wentz, Jules Kmetzko, Justin Loney, Lance Hewison, Laura Buss, and Lee Harvey Roswell.

Johanna van Gogh: “Van Gogh” – Akira Beard

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One Response to Two Notorious Days Left…

  1. eltonjpt says:

    That’s really cool! Too bad I live too far away to check it out!

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