The Whimsy of Brian Goggin’s Installations

Many locals must be familiar with SF artist Brian Goggin’s “falling furniture” installation at the corner of 6th  and Howard Streets. Titled ‘Defenestration” — it is an NEA funded site-specific sculptural mural on a dilapidated building in San Francisco. “Defenestration”, with its grandfather clock, tables, chairs and couches suspended in flight from the building’s windows, has become an unofficial San Francisco landmark.

After checking out his website, we realized Brian has many other fantastic works worth sharing, some familiar to us and some not.

“Substrata” Permanent site-specific installation for Mission Street, San Francisco. Nine hidden urban fossils, layered with embossed impressions, face up from the sidewalk – ghost-like imprints from past inhabitants, the neighborhood and the city. (below)


“Samson” is two 23-foot tall pillars constructed of over 700 pieces of refurbished luggage dating from the conceptual genesis of the airplane to the present. Love the play on Samsonite in the title and the concept behind this one. Located at the Sacramento International Airport, Terminal A baggage claim in Sacramento, California. (below)

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