A Banksy in Carmel?

We spotted this very Banksy-esque mural on the wall of a cafe in Carmel over the weekend and had to share. Did a little research and found out it was done by the rip-off king, Mr. Brainwash. Apparently the cafe is part of a hotel owned by Doris Day, the Cypress Inn. Nevertheless, we like the mural a lot!

From Artsology we found even more interesting tidbits-

“A little research on why a mural of Chaplin was painted here brought back two stories: one, that Chaplin often came to visit a friend who owned a cliffside mansion in Carmel, and a second story that says a woman named “Aunt Fairy Bird,” who lived in a small shack which is now the Casanova Restaurant, used to be Charlie Chaplin’s cook. Now, since we’d like to display some “six degrees of separation” of the art world, further investigation shows that this mural was painted by an artist known as “Mr. Brainwash,” which is a nickname for Thierry Guetta, who starred in the film Exit Through the Gift Shop, directed by the internationally-known artist Banksy.”

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