Dominant Species Take Over San Francisco

Apt title wall for ROA’s new show

We dropped into the mad house opening of ROA’s new show at NineFourOne Gallery last weekend. It was more like a rave than an opening with lots of party animals raising a ruckus.

ROA’s art is wildlife based and street inspired, he is well known for his larger than life murals. The pieces in this show are no exception, wonderful imagery and brush stokes amid the commentary. Fighting back at hunters, poachers and general animal mistreatment  – his art packs a bloody but much-needed punch. ROA paints on found objects and incorporates their shapes into his work in a gritty and wonderful way.

“Belgian-born artist, ROA, is known for his striking, and expressive depictions of animals, often stretching to multistoried heights. Even when not massive in scale, ROA’s animals are massive in impact, created with vivid details and the keen eye of a naturalist.” Via NineFourOne Gallery

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