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Travis Somerville at Catherine Clark

The Travis Somerville solo show, A Great Cloud of Witnesses is an interesting – (if somewhat obvious)  take on history and the current state of racial tensions. It has a raw folk art edge we liked, especially the Pinocchio nose on the … Continue reading

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Surreal Saturday: Julie Heffernan

Local artist Julie Heffernan is a wonderful surreal artist, weaving tapestries in paint of anatomical landscapes and otherworlds within our world. Using classical styles and props she layers beautiful boys into botanical scenes with opulent and detailed imagery. She has … Continue reading

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Art On Minna Street, Two Galleries and A Garage

Went to see a few galleries this week-end. They are all located by SF Moma so it makes an easy stop to see them all. Starting off with Catherine Clark’s Gallery and the “Teen Age: You Just Don’t Understand” exhibit. … Continue reading

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