Patricia Thomas at Slate Contemporary


While visiting Oakland last week, we stopped into check out the current solo show Periodic Tables, of Patricia Thomas at Slate Contemporary. Her works on paper are somewhat abstracted pieces, many based on trefoil symbols. The radiation trefoil symbols had the most punch for us, although the symbol itself carries so much meaning it is hard to separate the impact of the image from the art itself. The pieces are beautifully rendered in charcoal and pastel transforming harsh images into soft and tactile with subtle edge.

Open for Art Murmur Friday, January 5th, 6–9pm

Exhibition walk-through with artist, Saturday January 12, 4:30pm


The international radiation symbol (also known as trefoil) first appeared in 1946, at the University of California, Berkeley Radiation Laboratory. At the time, it was rendered as magenta, and was set on a blue background. – Via Wikipedia


We really loved Patricia’s furry chandelier sculpture, hung in a corner. It is a darkly, elegant shape from afar; up close you see it is wrapped in black yarn and begs to be touched. The lightly gray shadows cast on the wall behind created an attractive decorative motif background. Both Patricia’s paper works and sculptures, seem to address the concept that something can be strong and dark, yet also soft and warm.


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