Jen Renzel’s Assemblage Art

Jen creates little assemblages from just about anything, composed of collected oddities and edited into tasty little pieces. First saw some of her works at the uber-cool Eclectix and wanted them so badly for my own walls. A few months ago spotted a bunch at Kalied Gallery, some newer pieces that show she just keeps on making great art.

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A quip from Jen herself -“The broken down treasure at the bottom of a moldy box can be the cornerstone of a new creation. In fact, that’s often how the idea for a piece starts — with one broken doll, toy, or image that sparks the imagination. The rest is a continual trial and error process of finding which pieces fit together, then figuring out how to connect them, which can be challenging when working with oftentimes crumbling, frail and damaged materials and parts. Something tells me when a piece is finished. Some pieces come together quickly, and some take forever and are a struggle. In either case, I can lose hours and hours in the workshop, and the results sometimes surprise even me.”

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